Monday, 13 September 2021

What Is The Difference Between IVF And Test Tube Baby


Changes in the Living style of human being and heavy work pressure pull down many couples into infertility issues. On the other side, some might unable to conceive with a child because of blocked fallopian tube in terms of women or health issues in terms of men. However, according to the advancement of medical science recorded with positive betterment in human disabilities and made wonder discovery of first successful IVF practice went live in 1934 with the achievement of world’s first IVF baby of humans was born in 1978. The IVF discovery showed the development of embryonic egg artificially in glass container.

 IVF treatment is a big boon for the baby and its parents with the absence of genetic defects. Forming and conceiving of baby using this IVF methodology is called test tube baby. IVF means In vitro Fertilization, in which the word vitro stands for the meaning of Glass. In such cases, the fertilization process made happened by attaching female egg to the sperm in a glass at outside of uterus. Most of having confusion in the terms of IVF and test tube baby is same or different, saying with no doubt these two processes are same at all, and there is no different ideologies included with it. Doctors are specifically using the term IVF instead of test tube babies.

Still there are some Test Tube Baby Centers in India are spreading out the wrong information to the patients that who is not knowing about the difference between IVF and Test Tube Baby. Before the legal acceptance of IVF treatment in India, the term test tube baby created an understanding confusion among the people, some surprisingly have a thought that entire baby development will be done in one glass test tube. Even today also, there is black mark about the term Test Tube baby in rural areas though their children were educated and choosing this option to have a baby. Anyhow, its fading away overtime. We all knew the birth of baby Durga, which was reported first test tube of India and second recorded country across world in early 2000’s. 

Its more important than having any of commotions that whether the baby you can call it as IVF or test tube baby, but he or she also a valuable and acceptable human as in like other natural born babies in all the way its matured. A fetus that develops through the IVF process is transferred into the mother’s womb and the pregnancy continues with regular care. IVF or Test tube Baby treatment procedure is becoming very popular amongst Indians today due to infertility or inability to conceive naturally. 

Work Health Organization has declared infertility a disease that requires medical intervention. So its advisable for all who sense with some problems having with their reproductive system are should meet experienced gynaecologist especially for fertility expert as soon as possible you can. Making delay may have negative effects on IVF procedure if needed, so getting treatment early is really recommended. Also keep in mind that the difference between IVF and test tube baby – there is no difference, both are same, which just differs by the name according to the doctors term by voice during the communication as per the patients. 

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